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The Kitchen Holidays

Is it the Holiday spirit? Yes, I'm sure it is, in part, that makes me so positive about, well, nearly everything today. I just finished watching Celine Dion sing The Christmas Song, which was done with such beautiful restraint and quietness (granted, for a change!) Lovely. Made me think of my experiences today and how it relates to none other than my kitchen design business.

It began with a trip to the dentist (again.) This time it was an hour and a half visit, and again, it was a piece of cake. But, a little twitch on my part, and he was all over it..."do you feel any pain?" "everything ok?" "just tell me" all of which made me feel very, cared for, I suppose. Nice feeling. A little chatting, pleasantries, just nice all around.

Then, I went to my project (wait till you see THIS ONE-not the one below) and, with four different tradespeople there, plus the clients, everyone was happy, cooperative, collaborative, relaxed, all really good stuff that sometimes cannot be found on a project. Another lift to the spirit. In fact, a real big lift, fed by all these people, including a very positive client. Some minor issues came up with a few of the tradespeople...through patience, respect, and collaboration, solutions flowed to these details at hand.

After that, I went to a business supply store and bought two gifts, one for my long time accountant, and one for his employee, my weekly bookeeper. The customer service I received was truly a model for all businesses! The service was courteous, kind, helpful, going above and beyond to help me find the perfect gift, and then wrapping it carefully with a ribbon. Really nice experience. Again, chatting, pleasantries, a warm experience.

I dropped off the gifts at my accountant's office. I wanted to show my appreciation, as I do every year. I don't think I need to in a material way, but it feels good to say thanks. I arrived, we chatted about our families, our plans for the holidays, and I expressed my thanks to my accountant and my bookeeper. More warmth.

So, among these experiences, I thought of my business and how important it is to stay positive, to go above and beyond to not only please, but to delight my clients. I'm human, and sometimes I fall short, but today was a great day to be observant and a reminder of the dynamics involved in people relating to people in a positive way.

Happy Holidays and a wonderful, positive, 2008!! :) And, have faith, because this:













really will turn into this:


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Reader Comments (3)

Thanks so much for the word of encouragement--I feel like it was just for me!

This is also a perfect opportunity to say how much I enjoy your blog and your designs. Wonderful source of inspiration--thank you!

January 1, 2008 | Unregistered Commenternydia

nydia, lol....thanks so much, I'm glad it eased a little of the remodeling pain! Thanks for stopping by. :)

January 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterSusan Serra, CKD

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