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Susan Serra, CKD - New! Kitchen Design Consulting Services

After some time spent thinking and planning, I'd like to announce a new line of services to a whole new group of clients - those who find me online!

I am pleased to introduce kitchen consultation services.

This is an issue that I've been thinking about for some time, and for which I see a real need. There are so many reasons that one might want to reach out and get much needed short term advice from a professional kitchen designer. Oddly, in my industry, this service is extremely hard to find, and practically nonexistent...until now.

Step by Step

It's my personal philosophy in life to take large issues in steps, where possible, and stay flexible. To take one step at a time, reevaluate, then another step, reassess, and so on. For those who may not be able to commit the resources necessary to hire a kitchen design professional, let alone one with certification and recognition in the kitchen and bath world, or who would like to get started more slowly, especially considering a designer often requires a solid financial commitment, such as I always have, now, that has changed. You CAN go step by step. You CAN ask about just what specific issues you need help with. You CAN get that information from a respected professional. Now you can.

Ask me about:

  • evaluating your floor plan! The most important service of all! Uncovering problem areas, providing ideas, solutions, important advice
  • adding creative design ideas into your local cabinet woodworker's design plans
  • color - a single word but with enormous effect on you, your mood, your look
  • cabinetry - what quality do you need? what style is most workable?
  • countertops - what are the options? what are the properties? how do you control templating? so much more on this topic!
  • tile - sizes, types, styles, moldings, ideas
  • appliance options within your plan, new ideas for placement
  • proportion, scale, continuity, and balance design principles - does it work?
  • themes - eclectic, contemporary, traditional...how to create a "relaxed traditional", a "soft contemporary"?
  • getting along with your contractor, architect, interior designer, and even kitchen designer, or other trade professional. Have a conflict? Need to push an issue? Ask me how to proceed!
  • really, there are so many more topics within the design and remodeling process

Contact%20me001.jpgIn setting service fees, a tricky issue, to be sure, I've tried hard to be affordable, fair, and to offer a range of services that are measurable in their time allotments so that a specific service will be provided for a specific cost. Given my level of experience and accomplishments in the kitchen and bath industry, I hope you agree that you will receive superb value at an affordable cost, regardless of the service you choose! To find out more about me, please visit my company page on my website. I'm intense and passionate about my work, as you may see by virtue of this blog,!

I hope I can be of assistance to you in this crazy kitchen remodeling world. And the best part? Visa and Mastercard accepted!


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brilliant concept!

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