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KBIS 2007 - Faucet Action!

Back to showing more KBIS items after a too long hiatus! Some companies bring press releases to KBIS on products they have introduced some months back, even as early as the fall of the year before, with KBIS taking place in the spring. As I go through the press kits, I'm not looking for the newest product release dates, although that's always fun and "now." But, with hundreds and thousands of products out in the marketplace, I won't NOT show a product because it's already been introduced some months back. If I think it's cool (thus "new/cool products" category) meaning either good value, good design, finish, or whatever strikes me about it, I'll show you. It may not be THE newest introduction or THE most modern/innovative styling. I just have to think there is something special about it. That's good enough!

Ashfield.jpgSo, I saw this Price Pfister faucet, and thought, wow, that's traditional, affordable, Price Pfister? I mean, I don't associate PF with fashion forward high end innovation. But, this faucet looks pretty awesome to me, and you can bet it's not going to cost $1,000 either. I think it's very good looking.

This "Ashfield" pull down ergonomic sprayhead includes an innovative ‘anti-splash’ spray volume control. This allows users to adjust spray volume to a desired pressure level between 20 and 100 percent. The sprayhead also lets homeowners toggle easily between spray and stream modes. Equipped with 360-degree swivel spouts that permit custom handle positioning, the Ashfield™ single-control, kitchen pull-down faucets incorporates a 75-inch nylon hose with ball swivel spray connection that allows for maximum flexibility. Plus, longer levers on the single-handle design provide users a better grip and improved access.


velaD-2.jpgMGS Designs has some great looking contemporary faucets. The VelaD, new for 2007, has a sort of industrial look to it which I like. Crisp/flat edges but with curves. I'm crazy about the pull out spout.

MGS Designs is one of the only "true stainless steel" fixture manufacturers offering products in North America. An integral component of the MGS design philosophy is innovative functionality.

An interesting note, prior to assembly, each element is hand polished. No additional materials such as brass or sheet metal, thus 100% polished stainless steel or matte SS.  



Graff-Oscar.jpgGraff's new faucet introduction (among others) for 2007 is the very cool Oscar kitchen faucet. Two versions of this faucet are offered, one with the black trim, which is my personal favorite, and one without the black trim, called Steelnox. I love the black half circle holder under the control!

This faucet is constructed of solid brass and designed in a minimalist style for modern kitchens. It has a pull down spray/stream configuration. Another good thing, it carries a lifetime warranty on all mechanical aspects of the entire product line. Nice, right? 

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