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Kitchen Design Notes - What I'm Working On Now

Aside from going stark raving crazy, getting ready to go on my vacation to Denmark, otherwise known by my family as the Motherland, I thought I'd share with you a few projects that I'm working on. If you recognize yourself here, dear clients, not to worry, your names and addresses will never be sold to third parties.   ;-)

Kitchen-Design-M.jpgIt's what keeps me going...the unique-ness of people. I absolutely love discovering, and helping to transform, my clients' lifestyles in that most important environment...one's home. Here's a peek at some random details and observations, and perhaps, goals, of four in the collection of projects I'm working on.

The R Family: This kitchen will be first and foremost a Kosher kitchen. A very large kitchen, it is open to the family room, with a focus on views of the park-like rear yard as well. We will have a very large cooking area, and I think we will be exploring a huge hood, perhaps something sort of built in, like the idea of some of these French country kitchens, if I can get away with it...another inspiration is the hood in this kitchen by Mark Cutler, very oversized, and oftentimes, oversized just works.

Another R Family: This family is planning an ambitious addition and whole house transformation from the existing sleek contemporary architectural style to a Country French Chateaux! How interesting is that!  We'll be working on designing-in unfitted pieces, open shelving, and interesting proportions. Several family members are hearing impaired, so we will also focus on design issues for acoustic purposes.

Kitchen-Design-G.jpgThe M Family:  A family of a lovely couple and their precious furry friends, the M's are building a house in the forests of the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts. Yes, I'm commuting from New York for this project! The home is situated with a view of distant mountains. The kitchen will have a closed off adjacent scullery nearby  (a pantry/clean up area), and a long wall of bookshelves in the hallway just beyond. The style will be possibly something classic, perhaps a mix of white and wood, we'll see. I finally got my way and designed in, what will be a fantastic banquette (soft, super cushy) area!

The S Family: How about a beach house? The exterior wall is all window area, the view is of egrets and beautiful bay views. The style is casual, the husband, a chef, the kids, budding chefs as well. The mom, grateful eater! This is a home for entertaining all summer. A surfboard leans against one wall, the antique table is a very long and a strong element, and so the kitchen, wide open to the living and dining areas, will be part utilitarian, part beachside food shack!

I'll surely show you images as progress moves along!  


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Reader Comments (2)

Sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see photos of the finished work! Enjoy the Berkshires, too - that's "back home" for my dad and it's been way too long since we've taken him back to the land where sprinkles are called "jimmies," tennis shoes are "sneakers," and purses are "pocketbooks." What a lovely commute. Have fun!

August 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDesignTalk

What fun projects! Can't wait to see how they progress. Thanks for sharing!

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