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Thermador High Performance Cooktops Sizzle!

I spent the day in the city yesterday, always a good thing. I spent the morning at the Danish Consulate in a meeting with a New York architect regarding Hansen, where we have a showroom space for this fabulous kitchen furniture. I love going to the Consulate. Since the Danes are reportedly the happiest people on earth, who wouldn't want to spend time at the Consulate?? 

After the meeting, I went downtown to an event given by Thermador, to showcase their new line of high performance cooktops. Those Thermadorees are smart people. To arrange an event that is both entertaining and informative is the definition of capturing one's attention. To add a few celeb chefs to the mix, well, everyone was all ears and eyes. It was awesome. 

Tom Colicchio, the lead judge on Bravo's "Top Chef" was the MC, and introduced the chefs.  Michael Psilakis, executive chef and owner, Anthos, and Alexandra Guarnaschelli, executive chef, Butter, and star of "The Cooking Loft" on the Food Network were the chefs in this challenge...15 minutes to create something wonderful with a secret ingredient, chocolate! 

Cooking and commenting on the cooktops ensued, but better than TV, one could smell the fantastic aromas! Michael insisted that he had to have the Thermador induction cooktop he was cooking on, in his professional kitchen. Alexandra was fully confident and completely calm, with four different size pots at various heat settings going at once, with her Thermador electric sensor cooktop. Tom looked like he either wanted to jump in or was glad he wasn't under the gun.

A couple of new hoods hung on the wall beside the cooking station, the Pivot-Lift Glass Canopy, which can be lowered or lifted as needed, and the 36" Chimney Drawer Hood, which slides forward up to an extra 12", great for a low profile (shallow) look in its "back" position. 

The cooktops offer some very cool features. In the electric sensor models, you'll use the "Sensor Dome" technology that continually measures the heat from the cookware! It maintains the precise temperature needed, not to mention the keep warm function, always a desired feature. Induction cooktops by Thermador has a power boost function, a 10 step power micro adjustment, offering a wide range of simmering needs and a silver finish! Gas cooktops offer a larger cooking surface, the star burner design and a powerful 52,000BTU output. All of these have other features worth looking at.

Oh, and let me not forget the fabulous luncheon after the presentation! Fun and informative makes me happy, not cranky. The food and so much chocolate was a good thing too. See the pictures that follow!

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Reader Comments (3)

Thermador induction cook tops are the best!

November 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterI Luv Cooktops!

These cooktops sound real interesting. I would like to give one a try.

Thanks! I like how the curtains look behind the counter and the TV, looks like a nice event

living room furniture

September 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDan

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