Kitchen Trends 2008 - Organic Shapes and Forms

When I look forward, I see shapes, forms, textures, and a blending of styles, often leaning toward nature. I feel it. Just recently, Blink Decor talked about it. Here's what was noted on their blog, as they looked forward to design trends in 2008:

Sticks and Stones: Organic, eco-conscious elements continue to meld with more traditional home decor. Bright white cotton duck looks effortlessly chic paired with aged wood and accented with funky fur pillows. Large river -smooth stones make a great lamp base topped with a classic white drum shade.

Blink Decor then references Bleu nature...take a look at this beautiful site. Now I know why I had this post unpublished for a couple of weeks even being only a few lines, while I galavanted in father loved and collected driftwood for years, only to see this site as I sat down again to think about this post. It was in his yard and in his home. Beautiful pieces everywhere.

I'm not the only one who sees textures, natural elements, natural colors, greens, blues, whites, as being comfortable to live with for the foreseeable future. This is a movement strongly connected to the green design movement. A renewed appreciation of the beautiful materials and textures that are right in front of us.

And, I think it is a powerful pull for all ages and demographics, for lack of a better word. It is for me, one who has been taught well, by our society, to consume. Shockingly, I now walk into my dark office, only turning on one light, rather than all of them in my 18x12 office. It's a start. I'm so rambling...


pic_pi_table.jpgHere are a couple of examples of what I am talking about. Scrapile in Brooklyn, NY, collects and repurposes scraps of wood from New York's woodworking industry to create one of a kind furniture, like this table. I think their practice of using different types of wood in one piece is very exciting.  

This beautiful recycled glass hardware by Paloma Pottery is a great example.  Made of recycled glass, Paloma Pottery's products are environmentally friendly and innovative in design and use of materials.  Their use of recycled glass, plus other natural and found materials reflect their philosophy to maintain a sustainable business model. Check it out.





Posted on February 29, 2008 and filed under Green Kitchens.