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Changing The Kitchen Design In Mid Stream

Grace's kitchen project is, I guess, 2/3 done at this point. Here was the plan.  I think it was a few days before I left for Denmark in August, Grace didn't feel comfortable with the plan (the cabinets had already been ordered) so I told her to mar%20plan%20a.jpgcome by my office and let's figure it out.  I came up with an alternative plan after our meeting and Grace was happy. 

This entire general design reflect's Grace's desire to have continuous countertops everywhere, yet to keep things interesting over and under the counters. She wanted a sort of country/Tuscan feel, yet with modern conveniences. This type of style was what we were after.


After mulling it over for some weeks, Grace decided to make a big change. She decided she didn't love the entire upper section of the elevation below, she wanted it all gone!

Fortunately, the arch and other built in cabinet next to it was made of plywood, destined to be faux painted. Yesterday, they were dismantled!

We talked about it on and off for some weeks. She lived with it and then said she's just not sure. I said, "Grace, it's plywood...it's nothing. If you want it ripped out, it's not a big deal at all."

So, it's back to the drawing board for Grace and I.  A big change like this does not have to be daunting, or difficult, or negative. In this case, maybe one cabinet will be sacrificed, and then just the plywood.  This IS a first for me, to do a major redesign after installation, but, again, the sacrifice monetarily is small, so why not? Grace must feel 100% about her kitchen in the end. That's all that matters. I'll update you on what we eventually come up with. I'll add some real life images of the kitchen shortly!

Descriptions: That's a tv cabinet under the arch. Under the countertop under the tv cabinet, those spaces would be faux painted with a special design. Surrounding the grid/rounded wall cabinet is plywood, to be faux painted. A wine refrigerator is directly below. To the right of the wine refrig. are cabinets surrounded by plywood, to be faux painted. And, that wide area to the right is the other side of a 90 degree turn.  




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Reader Comments (2)

Hey Susan,

What a great look! I understand the plywood facades, but are the doors hinged to the plywood or are boxes inserted into holes in the plywood?

March 10, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Kramer

Thanks...holes were made and cabinets inserted. Then, a thin molding was put around the cabinets to cover the gaps. I should take a closeup. I will.

March 11, 2008 | Registered CommenterSusan Serra, CKD

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