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Sears Appliances - Kenmore Too!

Yesterday, just outside of Chicago, I attended a multi-brand appliance event, hosted by Sears. It was quite an eye opening experience, as Sears appliances, quite honestly, have not been on the radar in my business. Exactly why I needed to get with the program increase my awareness, so I welcomed this opportunity.

First, my conclusions: Sears understands their appliance-purchasing customer and has responded with an on-target, modern, line-up of appliances as they completely rebrand the 60 year old Kenmore line.

They also understand that it is beneficial to interact more closely with their customer and we will be seeing more of that commitment, hopefully in the very near future in some very interesting ways. The Sears Blue Appliance Crew is Sears' answer to providing all of the assistance that today's VERY busy families need surrounding the purchase of an appliance. The numbers are showing that the Sears Blue Appliance Crew is addressing those needs. That's a good start!

One of the most interesting pieces that I came away with is that Sears management team "knows what they don't know" and they recognize kitchen designers as a group with a few valuable brain cells from whom Sears, and their treasured customers, can learn...but you knew THAT, didn't you? Kudos, props, high five and a fist bump!

I was impressed by the Heroes at Home a charitable initiative helping military service families.

One more headline: they have a female appliance designer who recently revamped the Kenmore laundry line to stunning (yes, stunning) results (I did not remember her name) and she exudes all passion, all art, all design (odd grammar, but it fits). Very impressive. 

So, without consulting my notes or other information for this post, I wanted to be guided by my takeaway thoughts at this moment. More on Sears' appliance news in a little while...can you say "20,000 btu gas burner?"

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Reader Comments (11)

The problem with the Blue Appliance crew is every time I see the commercial I think Best Buy! Those guys are known by their blue shirts. If you're reminding your potential customers of a rival that's not good marketing.

November 5, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermodernemama

I think Sears has come out with some products that look wonderful, and several years ago my wife and I purchased a washer and dryer from them. The problem, though, was that when the dryer needed repairs, I discovered that Sears has a system whereby you cannot talk to anyone at any time who can take care of a complaint or a problem. The dryer was under warranty at the time, and they did fix it, but it took several months to accomplish this. In the meantime, I used local Laundromats. I went to the trouble of writing a letter to the person at Sears who was in charge of that department. All I got in response was a pre-printed postcard directing me to call an 800 number! We did not renew that warranty, and when the dryer broke a second time we replaced it with another brand. For the sake of the argument, Sears may well have the greatest products of all time. But their service is terrible, and I will not, in consequence, do business with them another time.

November 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph

We had some "funny" experience with Sears. During our last vacation our Florida house was not rented, so we had the opportunity to do some renovating. We bought a white gas range and a convertible hood at Sears. The staff was very friendly and delivery of the range went smooth; we carried the hood home ourselves.

When we unpacked the hood, it was ventless instead of convertible, so we drove back to the store and exchanged it. When we unpacked the range some days later, it wasn't white but black and white. We drove back to the store once more and the sales person was devastated - two out of two items he sold us were wrong! And then he said something that still makes us laugh: "Everything else was okay?" LOL

Well, I hope this wasn't typical for Sears.

November 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterConnie

I happen to walk through the Sears appliance department quite frequently because I need to walk through to use the Ladies' Room, and it is one of the more convenient in my mall. Those Washer/Dryers are gorgeous and I have coveted one for a while.

Their pro line of appliances (forget what they are called) are also darn nice looking for the price. Don't know about function, but they sure are pretty.

November 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJeannie

I'm a licensed designer in TN, focused on commercial but just renovated my kitchen. I became good friends with the Consumer Reports Appliance guide, which consistently steered me towards Kenmore. I bought all of my appliances from Sears. Most are Kenmore Elite because I liked the look AND the ratings AND the sale price. Have had no problems thus far...

November 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKim

The 'Heroes at Home' initiative is excellent - anything that supports our troops gets my backing .

November 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHayley

I have used Sears appliances on a number of projects primarily because of price. I wish they offered more in terms of variety as I'm done with almond, black and stainless steel. The next project I get with a decent budget will include a copper hood. Even an undercabinet hood can work in some kitchens. I guess I should just work on my clients.

December 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDesignerJim

Walking thru Sears this holiday season, a gorgeous dual fuel range caught my attention. "Wow, that thing is wide", I thought. Upon closer inspection I read 40". 40", what were they thinking? Ranges don't last forever and whoever has to replace that puppy will be very unhappy. Why couldn't they do a standard 42" or 36"?

Then, another designer in my office had a client come to him with appliances already purchased. You guessed it, the 40" range. The designer is having the hardest time getting specs for it.

Not so hot of a range!

January 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca

I wish I had bought from Sears rather than Lowes and my Samsung frontloading washing and dryer that are 1.5 years old and the washer is waiting 2 weeks for a repairman to get to the house. Live and Learn.

January 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMary

I admit that I am a loyal Sears follower. They've don't seem to run out of great ideas in the kitchen and their prices are completely friendly! My best Sears so far is a lovable deep blue washing machine that's been my only washing machine for nearly 10 years now.

Jessica Star
Sample Sale

April 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJessica Star

Heroes at home is a wonderful program. I'm willing to support anyone that supports it.

November 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWorkout Warehouse

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