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New Green Kitchen Products

Here are a few more new items I'd like to share with you.

Here's a smart looking multi bin recycling unit called the Smart Bin. Available with two or three compartments, the Smart Bin allows homeowners to cleanly and effectively separate their organic, recycling, and waste in an attractive stainless steel push-pedal bin. Made of post-consumer plastics, the Smart Bin makes the task of sorting and recycling a snap. With removable inside containers, this sturdy and attractive bin is a welcome addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or office.

It's good to be organized!



Take a look at what's new at Kichler.

For use inside or below a cabinet or in a variety of other areas, these energy-efficient fixtures use 75 percent less electricity than typical incandescent lighting. Plus, they’re so thin they’re nearly invisible -- just 3/8” thick. In addition, the Design Pro LED discs offer a warm white color rendering and a lifespan of 20 years. A variety of finishes are available to blend into any surrounding.

The new Design Pro Discs can be used individually or in combination with Kichler’s Design Pro LED under cabinet fixtures, which offer the same great energy-saving features and color rendering, to create a seamless flow of light under multiple cabinets and furnishings.

Both products have been awarded the prestigious Lighting for Tomorrow Award, the industry’s highest honor for energy-efficient lighting solutions. Plus, they are ENERGY STAR rated, a distinction given by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy for energy efficient solutions, when used with most power supplies.

Perf Go Green produces Biodegradable Plastic Products that are eco-friendly, non-toxic and food contact compliant. These bags are seen as a practical and necessary solution to the problem of plastic waste around the world.

In 2008 Perf Go Green is launching six Biodegradable Plastic Products including the following:

Perf Go Green 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Trash Bags
Perf Go Green 30 Gallon Lawn & Leaf Bags
Perf Go Green Plastic Drop Cloths
Perf Go Green Commercial Trash Bags
Perf Go Green Kitty Litter Bags
Perf Go Green Doggie Duty Bags

Perf Go Green products are produced using recycled plastic which reduces plastic in landfills. The recycled plastics are then combined with an oxo-biodegradable proprietary application method to produce the film for the bags. This product, when discarded in soil in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen, biodegrades, decomposing into simple materials found in nature.

Perf Go Green Bags will completely break down in a landfill environment within 2 years leaving no residue or harmful toxins and have a shelf life of 2 years.

White River Achieves Chain of Custody Certification - Very Impressive!

White River announced its achievement of the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification. For the past 18 months, White River™ has been researching the optimal plan for purchasing lumber from certified, well-managed forests for its local manufacture of hardwood mouldings. The FSC Chain of Custody Certification is granted by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), an independent third party, which is accredited by the FSC. This internationally recognized certification verifies that lumber from certified forests is identified, marked, and recognized as it passes thru a "chain of custodians" or "handlers" from the forest to the consumer. This applies to products manufactured at its Arkansas manufacturing facility.

Good work! I've used and admired White River for many years.

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Reader Comments (2)

I found Kichler's new product very contemporary and sleek.. amazing practical yet trendy product.

February 26, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjeanne

I am Ric Mathews, a Customer Care representative at Centennial Woods down in Laramie, WY. We manufacture re-claimed Wyoming snow fence products such as siding, soffit and trim as well as T&G products for floors, walls and ceilings. I'm wondering if you all have any upcoming projects for which you will specify just such a reclaimed item. If so, GREAT.....if not, but I've aroused your curiosity, our web-site is located at www.centennialwoods.com. Once there, you can learn more about both our company and our sustainable, re-claimed products. You can also click "Request a Sample", and a box of sample-sized Centennial Woods offerings will be on its way to your door. In the mean-time, if you happen to generate some questions, you may either e-mail me or contact me "toll free" at 866-778-8762.
Thanks for your time.
Best Regards,

December 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRic Mathews

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