Beautiful Kitchens

Yesterday's post was a first course. Today is the entree!

It is always a pleasure of mine to show you Scandinavian kitchens, as you may know. The reason is that I think the Scandinavians have a very, very special gift for combining their modern design point of view, which seems to be in the collective DNA, (always with some exceptions) with historic surroundings or smaller traditional elements. They do it well, very well. 

If you can, go through this slide show slowly. Examine the parts and pieces of each kitchen design. Think about what you like and what you do not like. 

Some of these kitchens speak to me in a strong way, others do not speak to me at all. I do know one thing....I need about 6 houses to express myself in all my kitchen design "moods".

If you click on "notes" you will see my comments. What speaks to you and why?