The Kitchn Cure Is Coming

I'm a huge fan of the kitchn, Apartment Therapy's sister site on all things cooking and many things kitchen related. Apartment Therapy does their 8 Step Home Cure every spring, but the kitchn focuses just on, well, the kitchen, a space certainly worthy of singular introspection and periodic hair pulling sessions!

With the kitchen being ground zero for the need to physically nourish one several times a day in some cases (except for those who use the kitchen counter to place the take out food or pick up keys on their way to eat out) issues such as organization, storage, work habits and so on are worth taking a fresh look at now and then. 

In their effort to go back to basics, as the kitchn often does in a satisfying way, I wanted to give the kitchn cure a special shout out. Ok, the truth is, too, that I adore reading all the colorful comments on kitchen angst!