Let There Be Light In The Kitchen!

The days are getting shorter, and so quickly. The early mornings in the kitchen are dark and late afternoons are feeling more like early evening - which makes me think of, but mostly not take for granted, the value of natural daylight. How can we change things in the kitchen to compensate for this loss for the next 5 or 6 months? I have a few tricks up my sleeve to share.

open kitchen.jpg


Remove them entirely to allow more natural light into the kitchen. Even a few inches of a valance extending into the window will have a noticeable difference. Add white sheers if fabric is desired. The absence of a patterned, textured or brightly colored fabric will immediately add a clean, spacious look and will reflect more light into the kitchen.


The change of seasons is always a good time to reassess what is clutter and what is needed, especially on the countertops, but also on open shelving around the kitchen. Here's my best tip: look at only one small section at a time, slowly - to clearly see items that can be moved elsewhere, out of view. 


Do you have a collection of decorative objects in the kitchen? Remove them all from the kitchen! If any objects go back, put them back slowly, one at a time and be aware of the reclaimed negative space, which can also be beautiful, where a number of objects once were.

white kitchen.jpg


Contrary to what you often see and are told to do in spring and summer design magazines, I propose that it's a better idea to incorporate light colored accessories, dinnerware, serveware, placements, even rugs (of which we have wonderful ones at Scandinavian Made) into the kitchen in the "dark months". Finding the light by using light colors and whites will collectively add more light into the kitchen and will lift your spirits, guar-on-teed! Adding some bright colors can help lift the mood for sure. Think spring and summer style - really!


While it's not so easy to add light fixtures into the kitchen for seasonal reasons, make sure that adequate natural and artificial lighting is seriously considered in the kitchen planning stage.

Think "light" in all its different manifestations within the kitchen as the days become darker and the opposite will occur - there will be light!