Sustainable Design and Living

empathy.jpgMore to think about today! When I went to Copenhagen in August, I visited the Danish Design Center. There is a permanent exhibition of a FLOWmarket, a market, divided into a mindset devoted to the examination of three categories of sustainable growth:



environmental flow



A holistic point of view and movement toward sustainable growth needs to encompass these three categories.  More from the Danish Design Center:

"Sustainable growth is all about generating growth on more than just an economic and a technological level. Indeed, throughout the 20th century we have witnessed how a one-dimensional view on growth has resulted in a wide range of imbalances on 3

Man’s relation to himself (rising stress, depression, and obesity curves, addiction, eating disorders, information overload, “always-on-line”-syndromes, symptom treatment etc.)

Man’s relation to society (over-consumption, increasing violence, xenophobia, global inequality, cultural rectification, conflicts over resources, commercialisation etc.)

Man’s relation to nature (pollution, agricultural toxics, factory farming, decreasing bio-diversity etc.)

Phenomena that individually and together bear witness to an unhealthy development of our societies that we can and must seek to reverse - or at least reduce - and push in a more holistic direction."

Please take a look at the flikr slideshow of this exhibition, I found it to be very thought provoking and still do. And, here is another point of view from Apartment Therapy Green obout this exhibit. Take a look. 

How can this thinking be translated to remodeling one's kitchen? Actions can be taken toward thinking holistically about a project. From donating or selling one's cabinets rather than disposing of them, to seeking products made within a 500 mile radius, to searching for environmentally friendly products, and so much more, to be talked about in the coming days and beyond. I just wanted to share this insightful exhibition with you.