Green Design - Reuse and Rejuvenate

swedishchairs.jpgAs mentioned in my previous post, there are other great ways to reuse and rejuvenate, this time, decorative items, in the kitchen!

I've seen many well worn tables and chairs in my time, dining furnishings that have done their job, taken a beating, and often, are best retired, to be donated or handed down to others for renewed appreciation.  

Therefore, again, the answer is not always to buy new! Instead, buy a new table and antique chairs, or vice versa. Look at these beauties that jumped into my email today, from 1st  


Same for lighting...the hunt is what's fun. In thrift shops, flea markets, special antique events, shops, on vacation.

Consider buying vintage, antique, for a natural patina an item can only get from time. 

Take a look at this image of a kitchen I designed with vintage lighting and tell me it doesn't enhance the whole kitchen!

I've had more phone calls from people around the country after this was published, asking where they could find this fixture! It's tough to see, but there are two globes hanging downward.

Vintage is green at its most wonderful, rediscovering those gems from yesteryear (I really hate this word, but I just had to insert it, it sounds almost poetic!)  But, there's NO disputing the sentiment!