Green Kitchen Design Inspiration

Today's post brings to a close, this special Green Kitchen Design Week. I have learned new information in the course of writing about this topic this week, and I hope you have too. I hope you are more aware than ever before of green design issues, product resources for green kitchens and the oppoortunities available to define "green" in the context of a kitchen remodeling project.

Three easy to remember concepts in living green and creating eco friendly kitchens are the 3 R's:




This is such a broad topic, I could never cover it in a week! In the future, I will discuss energy efficient lighting, eco friendly flooring, and other building materials used in a kitchen remodel, including how to find green products. Over time, I will also be adding to my green collection of websites and blogs, found on the sidebar. To get started, here are two resources I'm crazy about: Treehugger's How to Go Green and The Lazy Environmentalist, found via K+BB Green. Till then, here is a mostly green kitchen design (remember, you can express yourself in "shades of green") from Natural Home.