Beyond My Kitchen Window

cape%20cod%20rose%20a.jpgI need a break! I've worked very hard most of today doing computer work in a high level of detail. Time consuming, labor intensive, entry by entry, working on kitchen plans, using both sides of the brain until it hurts! And, I am pleased with what I accomplished. So, let's take a break...

Out to the garden, a beautiful Indian summer early fall day.  The garden is now a jungle, quite unkempt, but it's delightful with aged colors and textures, some beautiful new flowers just hitting their stride, and roses still pumping out the blooms until the frost (hopefully not for a month.)

Please join me for a look at the garden today. Lucky for me, I can see some of these beauties from my kitchen window, a real joy. 

And, how is your day going? Did you get to take a break?


Please see the flikr slide show of the early autumn garden. Best enjoyed s l o w l y !

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow! All images were taken today.