Kitchen Designer/Client Synergy - How It Works

I had a meeting with a client today, one whose project has stopped and started over many months. Now, we're on a roll, finally.

This client is lovely. She's high spirited, often opinionated and always positive. She obviously really enjoys the process, which is delightful to see.

Here's the thing...I guess I understand what an actor on the stage means when he/she says that he/she "feeds off" of the audience, and the audience is different every night.

My energy, my creativity, my spirit, in large part, is fed from the client. If the client is positive, I'll double that feeling, resulting in lots of real enthusiasm and quite possibly, enhanced creativity. If the client is reserved, nervous, or negative, the stage is set for me to try to bring us to higher ground, where we can connect and become real partners in this venture. I'm at my absolute best with a positive, engaged, interested client. It becomes magic!

Today, I brought forth ideas rapid-fire, I exulted and exclaimed loudly when we hit on a great idea, all in response to a very motivated and positive client. Serious/reserved/"professional demeanor?" I'd rather exclaim, "look at THIS, wow!"

I enjoyed myself immensely today. Clients, motivate your designers with a positive demeanor. You'll get the best work from your designer, and you'll have some fun too. Relax, relate, reap rewards!