Kitchen Faucet Trends

dornbracht%20kitchen%202a.jpgTake a look at this little piece on faucet trends from HGTV featuring "moi" as a contributor! I'm frequently asked for kitchen related information by writers from online and print media outlets, but this was my fabulous (lol!) deput on HGTV's website!

The author is the superb wordsmith, Leah Hennen, from More Ways To Waste Time, an interesting, and often provocative blog.

And, yes, I did notice at the last kitchen show in the spring, how faucets are becoming even more modern, wtih a sculptural sort of look. And, yes, the finishes, well, just take your pick, there are so many to choose from.

Gone are the days when you have to match the metal finishes throughout the kitchen (faucet, lighting fixtures, hardware, hinges, sink, and whatever else is a metal.) SO gone! Sure, keep a keen eye on what's happening with your metals in and around the kitchen, but you are set free to explore the world of finishes, and manufacturers who make faucets understand this trend toward personal expression.

Likewise, consider mixing modern faucets with a traditionally styled kitchen. There should be some sort of eclectic theme going on first, but, your faucet style surely contributes to your overall design "message."  A more utilitarian type faucet may be a better bridge aesthetically to blend with a traditional kitchen than a super sleek style. That's possible, but again, needs care and caution in selecting your materials to achieve an eclectic look that makes sense.