March toward KBIS - LG Electronics

IMG_2948a.jpg"March to KBIS" means it's time again where an influx of press releases are sent to members of the press to either announce or give a tease about their new products, which will be debuted at KBIS in May, a huge show, with approximately 50,000 attendees. KBIS is the Kitchen Bath Industry Show, held this year in Las Vegas. Don't expect me to tell you anything about my trip other than news know what they say about Vegas...

So, here is what I got today from LG:

  • "New high-end kitchen series
  • First-of-its-kind Dual Convection Electric Range and LG's first Gas Range offering
  • Unique refrigerator innovations such as a French-door model with extra-tall vertical ice and water dispenser and the world's first high-definition TV Refrigerator
  • Expanded laundry portfolio including new additions to the award-winning SteamWasher line and new designers colors"

Once at the show, the press kits will show images of these new items, and of course, I will see all the new products myself, wearing my awesome gold sneakers. Up till then, you can only ponder what's to come.

Stay tuned for more "March to KBIS' info HOT off the fiber optic cable!