it's gnarly! Rustic Cherry

I have a wood species to tell you about, and I bet you haven't heard of it, or have seen it before! When I first saw it, I just loved it. I loved the rustic nature of it, and most of all, I loved the fantastic knots - the deep, gnarled, dark, craggy, open, sometimes with holes all-the-way-through - knots. It's really a great look. AND, it has the elegance and great grain pattern of cherry, with the rustic nature, of, say, pine, but BETTER. In the two images just below, you can see the overall look. The knots are not all over the place, but are spaced a good amount apart. With the knots, there is often exaggerated graining as well.

If you want, you can go several steps further, with various types of distressing, square pegs, glazing, cobblestone distressing, splits, worm holes, nail holes and more, really, as much as you want from a lite rustic look to a very heavy rustic look. It's something to consider, whether for one piece or a whole kitchen. What do you think?? Me, I'm really crazy about it, which is why this is the first wood species I'm discussing. The custom cabinet manufacturer I prefer to use for this wood is Quality Custom Cabinetry. Enjoy!

mallon 043a.jpg