New franke sinks!

franke sink kitchen.jpgCheck out these new Franke sinks. I'm at their website all the time, looking for one client or another, and this just popped up today. I think these sinks are very cool. Here's what Franke says: "The new Mythos line generation has all the ingredients of a new classic. This stainless steel, ergonimically proven sink, makes work a real pleasure. The mobile sink insert fits exactly into the large working sink and into the spacious draining sink, and is ideal for rinsing, draining or thawing. The flexible preparation board is made of tempered satin glass that you can slide right over your sink."

franke faucet kitchen.jpgAnd, a new line of faucets, commercial in concept, made for home use. Franke says: "Restaurant efficiency and professional style to meet your epicurean requirements." I must say I really do love those restaurant type faucets. And, these new styles on the theme make me want to run and wash something! Did I say that?

These are not the only new product introductions by Franke. There is a fine collection of new sinks and faucets of varoius types and styles on their website. This is just a preview of lots of good stuff.