2007 NKBA Design Competition Finalists "large Kitchens"

Here again, the finalists for the "Large Kitchens" category of the 2007 NKBA Design Competition. Mostly contemporary, lots of exciting stuff going on in kitchens today, that's for sure. I'm having a tough time picking my favorite. When clients are open to new ideas, good things happen, it's very simple. Very good things.

I love the line of windows in the white kitchen. I'm crazy about the circular element in the top kitchen, I keep coming back to the design in the third kitchen, I like that a lot, and I'm wild about the backsplash and the island in the fourth kitchen. I'm very impressed.!

Our final group is called "Open Plan Kitchens". Which ones do you like?


NKBA large Susan Serra014.jpg 

NKBA large Susan Serra013.jpg NKBA large Susan Serra015.jpg


NKBA large Susan Serra016.jpg