retro kitchens - kitchen nostalgia or shredder material ? #5"

Hello, and welcome to our fifth installment of "Kitchen Nostalgia or Shredder Material". I understand that in some areas of the country, the winters are very long, and spring seems like it will never come. Thus, protection from the elements is taken very seriously, and a necessary consideration. There is some very serious cabin fever going on here, bringing it, um, to an entirely different level!

brown kitchen susan serra.jpg












Well, I can say that the brown range is back in style! We're looking today at a resurgance in brown, now called "oil rubbed bronze". The Kitchen Designer says, however, that this new look is NO EXCUSE to revert back to this style of kitchen! The kitchen police will be out in force, dispatched from The Kitchen Desginer blog, should we have notice of infractions. Be very afraid!

Besides the interesting look of this kitchen, let's look at a few things going on here and have even more fun:

  • See the small ceiling fixture and the two large pendant fixtures. The lighting is way off balance.
  • Patterns and color! Brown, brick, and more brown. Geometry everywhere.
  • I wonder if the wall cabinet has any use, the second cabinet to the left of the window. Can anyone even access its contents?
  • I give 2 points to the gold cast iron sink. I actually like it!
  • And one more point, ok 1/2 a point to choosing a light colored countertop to lighten this dark cabin up!
  • And, I almost forgot, the roof material - what are those things crawling on top of the roof over the range?

This one was fun! What do you think?