Kitchens In The Blogosphere

Kitchens are popping up like spring flowers around the blogosphere. All sorts of good stuff I am finding on kitchen design, kitchen products, kitchen remodeling too.

I was almost blown away when I saw images of Julia Child's kitchen on The Happy Living Blog. I suppose the kitchen is pure function! I remember hearing about the pegboard somewhere being in Julia's kitchen. Here is a link to the exhibit at the Smithsonian of Julia's kitchen. Thanks for this reminder of this interesting kitchen! And, what is this about a kitchen consultation you were at, as seen on your blog? Keep me in the loop!



















A great segue to The Kitchen at Apartment Therapy, filled with not only recipes, but lots of stuff for the kitchen, including tips on products, cooking methods, and more.

What really blew me away this morning were the images on Desire to Inspire. The kitchens! They're filled with soul, and earthy textures. Eclectic, with pieces of this and that, thrown together, yet, warm and welcoming, which is what a kitchen should be, right? The image is from Desire to Inspire, by Elle Decor.

LG Electronics MicrowaveLuxist is talking about this new product from LG Electronics. It is a combination toaster/microwave and toaste/coffee maker in two different models  I suppose there is something to be said for saving space, and the toaster is wide enough for bagels, a good thing. They are not overly wide in width either, compared to other microwaves. Makes you go hmmmm....

All around good stuff too in Appliance Notes.  This blog is authored by my friend, Peggy, and I think she'll be coming up with all kinds of interesting pieces of good information in this new blog of hers. Take a look.