Normal Room - The Best Kitchens!

Many of you have heard of Normal Room, the website where people from all over the world upload images of the rooms in their home, just to show others how they live and to see how others live. A great concept to make the world a little bit smaller and to understand a little bit better how other cultures do what we do, cook.....and, think about what's the same, what's's all good, right?

So, as a dutiful editor of a kitchen design blog, I went through the entire category of kitchens and chose the ones I thought were most interesting to me.

The rest were, well....normal, not that there's anything wrong with that!  :-) 

The first image IS a kitchen, a typical kitchen somewhere in Africa...the 2 just below, I did not take note of, the 3rd image on the left is from the U.S., the 4th image on the right is from the UK, and the bottom image is, of course, from Finland. Oops, the one with the postcards before Finland is Germany. And, check out my friend, Peggy's post too on an unusual kitchen.  Enjoy!

Normal Room 4.jpg


normal room 7.jpgnormal room 6.jpg
normal room 5.jpgnormal room.jpg

  Normal Room 2.jpg Normal Room 3.jpg