The State of The Kitchen Designer Blog

I'd like to say a few thank yous!

I started this blog on kitchens and kitchen remodeling, in very early February, as an experiment in another "voice" to my local kitchen design business website. I very quickly LOVED blogging, as I have always also been a writer of sorts!

What I did not expect to find via blogging, was the wide open welcome I received from the blogging design community. My very new blog, untested, unknown, has been welcomed in a way that has surprised me, from early on, and I am very touched, and also grateful for the opportunity to run with this great pack of design bloggers! You rock!

Thank you to those who have acknowledged my blog in one way or another. I am very proud to be associated with you.

Special thanks to the following bloggers:

decor8, for making me "blog of the week" last week - how awesome!

ShakaDoo, where I am a guest author in Shak In Style and Shak Hammer, in this very innovative blogging concept, one of a kind for sure.

Design Talk, where I answer questions on kitchen design, thank you, it's a lot of fun and very enjoyable all around! An excellent blog.

Hatch, who just featured me the other day, and another great gal with a great blog, attached to a store which has beautiful and useful things.

Apartment Therapy, who has put me in Slinks to my utter shock and amazement

Charles and Hudson, who will be doing a Q&A with me shortly and I am so proud to be associated with this blog 

Desire to Inspire, who very early on included me on their inspiring blog, thanks ladies

the happy living blog - the first blog who featured me, much to my shock, where I very loudly gasped and sat bolt upright when I saw a post about my blog! I felt like I was on the 6:00 news!

And, an extra special thanks to my friend, Peggy, CKD, CID, at kitchen-exchange, who inspired me to dust off my blog that I had started, but not published, last December.

Please also take time to make a visit to the blogs listed on my sidebar. I enjoy reading all of those blogs, and the ones who are asterisked (*) have supported this blog in a special way, and I encourage a visit to those particular blogs(*), where you will find very creative and beautiful things.