Kbis 2007 New Products - Perlick, Gaggenau, Blanco

Here are the first of my images of KBIS 2007! Images are from the Perlick, Gaggenau, Blanco, and Thermador booths. I have access to pretty pictures from press kits, but you know, sometimes I just like the "live from the floor" feeling of the images, so I'll include both types of images.

Also, in this first kbis 2007 flikr set is Thermador's fabulous booth. I'll talk more about Thermador's introductions soon, but for now, enjoy.

Now, hear a podcast of the new sink introductions from the Blanco booth, and follow along in the images included above. Any questions, let me know!

Just fyi, what happens at the show is that there is a press room, where most of the (smart) exhibitors put together a press kit, a folder with information on their new product introductions for members of the media. Then, we go around the room, pick out the press kits which interest us, put them in a box (in my case two large boxes) and send the boxes to our address. I'm not sure just when my boxes will arrive, I'm guessing Monday or Tuesday, so for this particular post, I don't have specific information to fill in on new product introductions, and some of the websites linked (shame shame) do not have their current press releases up either. So, when I get the press kits, I'll fill in the blanks so you know more specifically, what you were looking at in my flikr images. 

For now, enjoy the images, podcasts, and links!