KBIS 2007 - Cool Woven Copper Kitchen Backsplash

KBIS%202007%20Frigo.jpgThis display just stopped me in my tracks! I love anything woven, textural, hand crafted, and this look gives it all to me. By Frigo, it is woven copper with a fired, burnished finish to get that wonderful rainbow effect.

I'm not sure it's a look to go everywhere, it may be too strong, but at the very least, a great accent. I'm picturing it as the facing for a hood right now. Maybe the back of an island, that comes to me too. So many great places this product can be used.

And the best news is that the maintenance is to simply use warm water to wipe up spills and spots, no special process, cleaners, and so on. Good, right? 

The manner in which it was displayed on the show floor wasn't so great, as the image shows, but look past that and imagine the possibilities!