matt Lorenz from Top Design Talks Kitchens!

Podcast for Top Design fans....while at the GE press event last night, a special guest was Matt Lorenz, winner of Top Design. Matt talked about his kitchen design and was also asked about backstage gossip! Meanwhile, after the presentation, I spoke with Matt, only to find out later that I must not have turned on my recorder!

What Matt said to me is that he prefers to have total control over his kitchen designs, and he works out details directly with the cabinet maker of his choice. He feels he wants to have the ability to direct the kitchen design to fit with the design of the entire home. He said that while he fights for what he believes to be the right design direction, in the end, it is the client's home, and they have the final say. His vision for the entirety of the project is held closely by him at all times. Spoken as a "top designer", I'd say. Thanks to GE for this fun opportunity!