Scandinavian Kitchens - Summer Fresh!

Since my last Scandinavian Kitchens post, summer has arrived! Summer, to me, is one of those extreme experiences in many ways. I wouldn't want it all year, I like it just long enough to really enjoy it fully. I happen to like the summer garden better than my huge spring rose flush with thousands of rose blooms. Likewise, eating any meal of the day al fresco enhances the dining experience and creates summertime memories.

As another summer solstice-inspired change, I lightened up the look of the blog a little bit...also more light filled and clean for the summer. I hope you like it. 

Here are some fresh, summery, Scandinavian kitchens for you to dream on (ok, put wireless in the backyard and then bring your laptop, jump in the hammock, and dream that way!)



scandinavian kitchen038a.jpgvakre hjem.jpg


Denmark%2005%20632ba.jpgI'm especially excited this week because just this morning I found and booked an extremely (that word again) charming apartment in Copenhagen for our vacation this summer, for 2 weeks.

Made the plane reservations first and then began the search for as perfect a place as I could find. Think real brick floors and whitewashed stone walls. It's near the palace, a park, the harbor, and the street with the finest mid century furniture and art galleries.

You'll see pictures of that Scandinavian kitchen and others for sure. In fact, you'll get lots of beautiful images. I'm hoping to get a shot of my mother's cousin's kitchen in her tiny, hand built log home on a hill overlooking the water. That's a special kitchen!

There is truly nothing like Copenhagen in the summer. Unless it's in the winter!

And, as usual, Scandinavian blogs for inspiration this week are designe, interiorhuset, and Karna. Enjoy!