The Kitchen Designer on the Desire To Inspire Blog!

It's really great to be featured on the wonderful interior design blog, Desire To Inspire! Thanks Kim & Jo! I'm honored, truly, because these gals showcase really fantastic interior design, found world wide, in many different styles. It's a source I go to, to get inspiration, ideas, and information. I have often felt that Kim and Jo have a little bit of a kitchen fixation (in a good way!) as it is not unusual to find kitchens among their collections of interiors on any given day. I'm always thrilled to see these kitchen images. 

It's actually helpful to see the kitchens in these interior design collections, as one can see the kitchen design within the context of the entire home. But even beyond helpful, it is a valuable resource, and one of the very few blogs which includes different parts of the home, which one can learn from, in addition to just enjoying the view, a nice enough activity! Again, thank you!