Kitchen Remodeling Perspective

Next time anyone connected to a kitchen remodel is super stressed, remember this link, below. In order to understand the whole thing, please click on the link in the post "enormous concrete Virgin." Funny story.

kitchen%20remodeling.jpgHow can I tie this into kitchen remodeling? For one thing, I, too, can get carried away with worry, concern, all sorts of emotions in the course of doing my job. I mean, issues with deadlines, clients, tradespeople, allied professionals, delays, suppliers...there are many opportunities for me to get undone, and the same goes for my clients.

I've been reading this blog I have linked to, checking it most days of the week since mid December. It's helped me have a healthy and more serene perspective on life than I had, previous to finding it. It actually has had a profound impact on me, to tell the truth. It also propelled me, after having been far too lax, to go on a campaign to get every test and go to every doctor that I could think of beginning this past January to get all of the appropriate information on my current state of health. It's all been great news! This blog I speak of is an incredible read. The writing is intelligent and very special.

So, next time you really get undone about something, give yourself a reality check. Emotions can come hard and fast in the world of remodeling. Stop everything and get your perspective back. Sure, some issues are important and irritating and unjust, but there are more important things to get nuts about. There really are.  It's just about redirecting emotions which can potentially do damage to fragile relationships. In remodeling, that's pretty important for all sides to remember. Once these relationships are damaged, it's difficult to backtrack and do repair work.

Kitchen%20Remodeling%202.jpgI'll even add one more life changing (truly) event that happened, coincidentally, a week prior to finding this blog I mentioned. I went to Norway as a guest to an event surrounding the Nobel Peace Prize. In seeing the Bangladesh people who were invited to attend the presentation of the Peace Prize as recipients of the micro loans the Prize was based on, people who lived in huts on dirt roads and have never been out of their village, let alone, to Norway, I thought of my lifestyle, and the words came to my mind "....and I'm stressed?" In front of me was another world, which abruptly removed me from my comfortable world. I learned about life in another world, I saw people from many nations come together, and my own perspective changed dramatically. I shook hands with a Banladeshi woman in her full, beautiful, dress, our eyes locked, and I was just transformed to a different, changed, reality.

Have patience, and all these pesky remodeling issues will work out. Patience, trust, effective communication, and perspective, and you'll survive your remodeling with flying colors and even dare I say, enjoyment!

Do you know what one of the most important pieces to survival of a remodeling experience is? For anyone and everyone connected to it? Humor! That's right! Find it, you'll be glad you did.  

This post was not planned, but I really wanted to share that linked post with you when I checked the blog today. Enjoy your day!