Scandinavian Kitchen Design ROCKS!

I'm not kidding about this. It really rocks, trust me. Take a look, and turn up your speakers. A LOT. It doesn't always work for some reason. Refresh your browser if you don't see the video right away. It's short but unlike anything else I've seen!

Scandinavian Kitchens That Rock The House

Or try this link, but try it! (And then report back!)

My cousin, Lis, sent me some links for Scandinavian kitchen websites, many of which I already had, but some were new. I had asked her to send me some magazines, and she said links are easier. Nice! I'll be loading up on magazines when I go to Denmark in August. I usually spend at least $100 on magazines, and they add so much weight, but it's worth it (to me!)

Here are some thoroughly modern kitchens from the company, Trend. The wood really looks fantastic here, doesn't it?


And, as always, try out a few blogs. The first, Modern Country, has text in brown in English. Also check out hvitstil, and last but DEFINITELY not least, Karna.