Kitchen Appliances - Retro, Color, Cool

bigchillfridge.jpgI've been wanting to show you the very cool appliances from Big Chill Retro Appliance, and now, seeing this post from Desire To Inspire, this is the moment to do it! As soon as I saw these Big Chill refrigerators, I knew they were done right.

I don't know what 50s or 60s vehicle the special logo comes from, but it's the kind of thing that you know you've seen before. And, the lines of these refrigerators, I feel like I've seen that style before too. It has personality, not just bulk. I'm wild about the lines of this refrigerator!

Very interesting too that the ranges are identical to Elmira's line of ranges, another great line of retro inspired appliances. Oftentimes, one manufacturer distributes the same item to multiple brands, I think that is common knowledge. That said, there could be some tweaks of differentiation on the inside of the appliance, tailored to a brand's specifications.


bigchillrange.jpgNow, I know that Scrappy Girl over at Domino Magazine is interested in retro cool appliances for her future kitchen renovation, and I've been wanting to send this over to her, so here it is. Don't you just love the chrome trim? And those handles!

Of course, we know these appliances are also all about color! That's where a whole lot of fun comes into the pictures, yet, look at how wonderful these images of soft colors looks on these appliances.  

The Big Chill's website has good information on it. The FAQ answers all your questions, I was impressed by how complete it is. The Big Chill is based in Boulder, Colorado. Cool, in more ways than one.