Kitchen Accessories - Scandinavian Style!

I think it's time to trick out the Scandinavian kitchens that we're loving every Monday (ok, it's Tuesday, skipped right over Monday)! As innovative as the Scandinavians are with their design and decor with such a rich history to draw from, that innovation and great design has also historically reached over into housewares in a very big way over many decades. It seems there has always been some item that's been hot, a "must have." Even recently, we've seen a large introduction of Danish crafts in the MoMA store, and others just devoted to Scandinavian housewares. Here are a few bright and fun items that reflect the Scandinavian point of view.

First, look at this dish pattern from Scandinavian Details. From the site: Kristina Runske, founder of Scandinavian Details,returns home to Scandinavia several times each year to connect with emerging designers and trends. Her commitment to bring you superior craftsmanship matched with leading-edge technology and environmentally-friendly materials can be seen in each of the products she personally selects for this thoughtful collection of clean, clever, contemporary objects for modern living.










All right, I admit it. I selected this next piece for several reasons...yes, I love the background, but more than that, look at that wonderful turquoise. And, ok, I'll also admit that turquoise has been my favorite color for decades! So, there you go. But, it is such an elegant, simple, and useful piece from Tivoli Home. From the site: We are a couple of Danes who love to share our passion for good design from Scandinavia.

The store is located in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, such a delightful area, worth a trip.

And, next, I found this great site, Fjorn Scandinavian. From the site: Envisioning a collection that was both elegant and soothing to the senses, Sigurd and Ann sought out the most beautiful Swedish table linens, the softest and warmest hand made woolens, lovable children's things, cozy, colorful blankets and sweaters in an array of great designs, and tableware that reflects the Scandinavian Good Life.


Take a look at this beautiful table runner. I love table runners, and I don't even use them enough. I grew up with table runners, as it is a common Scandinavian part of the table. 

OK, here's a kitchen you can use them in! Some kitchen inspiration....

















All these companies have wonderful products and contribute in a big way to the entire fresh, organic, Scandinavian look. Enjoy!