Absolutely Beautiful Kitchens

I love the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, authored by Anna. Today, I looked through it and found a few posts on particularly beautiful kitchens, which I'd like to show you.

The first post shows a gorgeous white kitchen which is actually very similar to one that I did recently.  And, in Anna's later post Kitchen Love Part Two, please check out the inspiring ways to use shelving on walls and in pantries. Anna is an Interior Designer in Brisbane, Australia and owns a very wonderful shop called Black and Spiro.

shelving.jpgPlease also take a look at the blog At Home With Kim Vallee. The advice on this blog is excellent. It is practical and insightful and creative, a special and important combination. Kim's writing translates into focus and direction and makes it easy to follow too.

And one more, more shelving from Small Space Style, another blog with great ideas and again, very practical advice.

I need to do a post about shelving in kitchens, it is so HOT these days. These blogs have inspired me! In my practice, I am designing with open shelving more and more. It is accepted more than it ever was. A shelving post is coming soon!

The image shown is one of my favorite images. I love the way this shelving looks. That said, I must say that of course it is completely misplaced and even dangerous due to the placement of the range underneath it. I think this image was from a show house some years back. You can tell it's old because of the dishwasher. Nonetheless, I love the shelving if we look at that alone!