Kitchens on Le Tour De France!

bike-racer-1.jpgThe first stage of the 94th Tour de France began today in London, for the first time ever. They say one million spectators lined the streets to take in the start of Le Tour, the route going from London to Canterbury, 203 kilometers. 189 of the world's best cyclists are now on their way toward 20 stages in all, through villages, mountains, long flats, and ultimately, of course, into Paris (wait till you see the luxury Paris kitchens I already have lined up!)

I have a personal interest in the Tour. My son is a bike racer and aspires to great cycling accomplishments! We frequently attend races around our region. I'll be watching the Tour every day. I must say, the producers of the tour tv footage frequently include amazing views of the French countryside and villages. Turn it on for an hour, you'll see what I mean. It is a fabulous tour of France. Those aerial views are crazy!

So, in honor of the first stage of Le Tour, beginning in London, here is a collection of kitchens from England, in England's distinctive, and really wonderful, traditional styling. Images from Kitchens Bathrooms and Bedrooms magazines. More images will follow, coming from my binder of clippings I have accummulated for some time. More coverage of the tour, and of regional French kitchens will follow from time to time over the next three weeks of the Tour. If it's Monday, it must be Belgium - tomorrow's Stage 2! Enjoy!