Kitchen Design Miscellania

A few items of interest have been noticed today, and I'd like to share them with you!

First, I'm happy to have been asked to contribute to the blog, freshome, in the form of a piece I wrote on how to start the kitchen design process.  Freshome happens to be a very popular blog, covering a very wide variety of topics devoted to the home. There are inspiring, new, ideas, practical products talked up, tips, and lots more. Really, it's surprisingly comprehensive and covers the entire home. Dig a little deep, and you'll see what I mean. I just love tips, anyway, the more the better. So, take a look!



It's interesting that corporations are beginning to get into social networking (in connection with their products, at least in the kitchen and bath industry, something new), creating new environments for their customers to talk to one another about specific products and to learn more about the products including tips and how-tos, to allow a richer product experience, which, you know, really does make sense. Here are two new communities I'd like to share with you. I like forward thinking companies, and I REALLY like that they are taking a risk to actually bring their customers out in the public to chat with one another.

First, take a look at the GE Advantium community. I just love how it's designed. Fresh, clean, thankfully easy to navigate. Love how the recipes are categorized in different ways. Give it a little time, the community will build. It's a very complete environment with easy access to manuals, accessories, and so on. I poked around quite a bit. It's also the type of appliance where it is great to see how others use it to its potential.

Next, is a new community from Moen. I'll insert what I was sent, which says it better than I could:

 "Faucet-maker Moen Incorporated debuted the 2007 Show Us Your Style kitchen and bathroom remodeling contest today, DIYers everywhere can submit their remodeling stories and photos for a chance to win $500 every two weeks. (my words: YAY!!) Last year, the site proved to be very popular with homeowners as an excellent place to get ideas. What happens is, if you have a project to share, you just write your story, upload your photos and we update the site every two weeks with all the content. One of the neat things is, you can sort through all the entries by different criteria, like cost."