Kitchen Dining Inspiration via Restaurant Interiors?

DSCF1708a.jpgKnowing Design*Sponge has a love for restaurant interior design, I offered to snap a few shots of restaurants while in Denmark. Here's the result of passing by fantastic restaurants, during two weeks of strolling through Copenhagen and beyond.

See the whole slide show of my images via Design*Sponge.  

Now, down to the issue...can one get inspiration for one's home from restaurants? Of course! How many times have you gone to a hotel or other public area, including restaurants and been inspired by the colors, textures, or other interesting or beautiful feature of a public space? It's a fantastic source, truth be told, of inspiration. Keep your camera handy, snap what "speaks to you" and save it in your file of ideas. The interpretation of the design can shift from larger proportions to smaller in most cases. No, you won't have 50 tables in your own dining area, but if you are observant of the interior design, and are open to it, these areas can be a valuable resource of ideas. Remove the white table cloths, and you have a great kitchen dining spot which can be tweaked to be more or less formal as you need.

This image, below, is a room for a larger party in the restaurant. Both images are from the restaurant, Madklubben.  Thanks for the mention, d*s!