My Chat With Martha Stewart Tonight...I'm Not Kidding!

I bet that title got your attention! But, it's TRUE! Tonight my husband (the #1 Martha Stewart fan...our whole family calls her his girlfriend) and I went to Times Talks, tonight, a week's series of lectures by celebrated thinkers in the arts, media, politics, and more, organized by The New York Times and held in their new facility in their new, green, building in, where else, Times Square! We're in our city apartment for the weekend, a nice break!

Stewart was interviewed by Kim Severson, a very engaging and funny, New York Times food reporter. Martha Stewart talked about her typical day (breakfast is hot water and lemon (in the car on the way to the city), blueberries, and a hard boiled egg white.) After the morning shooting of her show, she stops all work for one hour, to do yoga and regroup for the second half of the busy day ahead, and ends the day watching David Letterman.

After the talk, there was a Q&A period. I had a question for Martha Stewart. I got up to the microphone and asked Martha Stewart if she had a hands on approach in designing her kitchens. Stewart replied that she has designed her kitchens by herself and was very enthusiastic about her love of the kitchen! Where the sinks should be, appliances, counter space, she knows what she wants.

Martha Stewart also said she really likes the convenience and accessibiity of open shelving. She said that the kitchen is the most important room in the home, even more important than the bedroom. She loves the kitchens that are designed in her KB homes developments.

Mistakes? I heard of one. Martha Stewart made her island in her East Hampton home too big, yet it was useful nonetheless. 

After the talk, there was a book signing, and my husband bought two books, Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, and a cookbook, which I'll update you on tomorrow. How lucky am I? My husband likes to keep a nice (and clean) home, it's a natural for him. A spray bottle and paper towels on the cover, he wants Martha's secrets! Stewart signed both books.

Oh, and when I introduced myself before my question and mentioned I write a blog, Stewart asked for the blog's name. I gave it to her at the book signing. Ms. Stewart, you're welcome to comment to this post!  It was a great evening! :)