Cool Scandinavian Kitchens

I've been busy blogging for HomeGoods, that's where I've been! Today is the last day of that assignment. They have very good bloggers there, with endless great tips, and it was fun to be part of it. So, here we go again...!

YOU know where to go when you want to see some real, honest, Scandinavian kitchens, right? Right here! Well, I have a treat for you. Peder and Lotte, family members from Denmark, are here visiting for 2 weeks. They had strict instructions to BRING ME MAGAZINES, AS MANY AS YOU CAN CARRY! Of course, with those strict instructions, I end up getting only about 4, but that's ok, I'll take them!!

Without further ado, let's take a look...oh, before I go, I've spent a bit of time, just a bit, in our apartment in the city in the past few weeks. When there, I always get lots of awesome magazines, so I think we're going to be looking at some very hot kitchens in the weeks ahead, so check back. Good?

I'll start with the cooooool Scandinavian ones...hope you're all well! Tell me what you like. Bottom 2 images from DesignLiv Middle two images from Bo Bedre, and  top two images from RUM Interior Design.