A Computer For Me, A Computer For you!

No, I'm not giving away computers! I just got a new one yesterday. My very smart son, in college (he just got a 102 on an Economics Test-good job!) told me NOT to get a computer for the $4,000+ I was going to spend, as recommended by my local computer guy. I have a local computer guy because my son, Matt, lives in the city, too far away to respond quickly to my computer issues when they arise.

Matt said, hold everything, he'll build me one!

Matt has been working on computers since he was 12. Matt is also frugal cheap. He is obsessed with doing research to find the best product, part, piece, whatever, at the VERY best price. Matt, being frugal cheap, looked up the specifications of a few of the programs I use most, spoke to people at tech support behind the programs and determined that even though I wanted the best/fastest/ultimate, he reminded me that he could save me money and still make me a computer that was FAST but customized to my specific needs. Above all, Matt knew I wanted FAST. I told him 50 times.

This new computer is fast, AND, I saved WELL over a thousand dollars, probably closer to $2,000 as compared to, say, a Dell! How? Matt tells me that, using Dell as an example, purchasing the same parts, such as memory, at specialty computer stores, is a fraction of the cost of what Dell charges. The same goes for all the other parts and pieces in a computer. The markup is CRAZY.

Would you like to save money too? Matt is now taking orders for new computers and computer tech work in Manhattan! Very reasonable prices and I can tell you he gives great customer service!

Get in touch with Matt at: mserra (at) gmail.com.