Microwave Must See

Have you seen this LG microwave, below? It came out last year. I did not cover it in this blog, and I rarely have a need for over-the-range microwaves in my design practice, until now, for myself!

LG.jpgYou may have read about my apartment kitchen remodel.  Well, to get you up to speed, quickly, while some improvements continue to be done, we're putting the bulk of the renovation on hold for now. The basic issue is that we are undecided on what should drive certain important decisions...resale or personal wants and needs. Plus, since our son will be staying there for at least a couple of more years while in college, there is not an urgency to do the renovation.

SO...in the course of having to remove the existing over-the-range microwave this weekend, due to its extreme venting inefficiency and age, we stopped at Best Buy to pick up another one, a 400cfm model by Samsung, since we were told by our super we could duct it through the existing path in the ceiling. We found most new models were 300 cfms.

lg-over-the-range-microwave-oven-interior.jpgBUT, while in Best Buy, all of a sudden, we saw this LG microwave and immediately had a WOW reaction. It's very sexy, it's a few inches deeper than normal, it's taller, which we needed, and best of all, it has a 470 cfm fan, which was very impressive. Our son and his girlfriend cook up a STORM  in our NYC apartment, nearly every night, and the gunk of small airborne particles that settle all over the apartment is not a pretty sight. So, THIS appliance seems to fit what we need for now.

As I've said before, I'm not a fan of the over-the-range microwave in general, for several reasons, but, in this case, the spot is open for it, so we'll fill it. This is the most powerful over-the-range microwave cfm rating I know of, which leads to healthier living in an open kitchen!

I LOVE the lift up door, the cfm capacity, the depth to better cover the burners, and the very cool look!