I'm (Kitchen) Floored!! (Again!)

Had you there for a minute!

I've talked lots about the lightness in Scandinavian kitchens. Light tones are seen in many kitchen materials such as walls, cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and so on. But, I think what is, really, a very cool look, and one that is very UNcommon here in the U.S. are super light floors as are often seen in Scandinavian kitchens. There is SOMETHING about a light floor, and I'm not even sure I can express what it is, but I'll try.

I think light toned floors contribute a number of interesting attributes to a kitchen design:

  • The space appears larger than it really is.
  • If the walls are light as well as the floors, the space seems to float, almost suspended, and there is a flow to the space that, in all light tones, almost defies description.
  • If the large elements such as cabinetry, are dark, the expected contrast is reversed and is a very cool look.
  • The space looks clean! One may want to choose an imperfect light floor, so the inevitable nicks and spots are not so offensive.
  • In my opinion, it is, at once, modern and elegant.
  • The light reflecting work of a light floor contributes to well being, especially in the winter months 
  • A light floor helps reduce the need for artificial lighting, a good green solution.

What do you think of light floors? Me, I'm crazy about them! If I didn't have red oak in my kitchen/family room area, I'd definitely bleach it, but it comes up pink. MAYBE, I'll paint them. Here you go, what do you think of light flooring?