When the French Country Kitchens Go Marching In...

I'm sitting here listening to WWOZ radio on the net as I often do, listening to a very modern version of "When the Saints Go Marching In" part rap, part gospel, part jazz, and of course, with that New Orleans influence everywhere. I know, you're saying "whaaaa?" but trust me, it's a good thing. Now, here comes another rendition after that one? Ok, I'll take it!

Oy vey, so how do I weave this into kitchens? There must be a way. Hmmmm....now I'm hearing "When the Saints win the Superbowl...." Ya gotta love NOLA!

NOLA! Yes, there is a huge, historical, French influence in NOLA, plus, I watched le Tour again this morning, from somewhere in France, so how about a few more Frenchy kitchens? I found them here, and many of them seem to be the Americanized version of French Country, but some are so good that I can't tell where they're from, so THAT'S interesting.

What a difference between kitchens from France and French "inspired" American kitchens. And, that's ok, say la vee, we're a melting pot after all over here, oui? Have fun!