Random Kitchen Musings

Just a few little things...

PLEASE take this survey: Kitchen Floorplan: Open Or Closed? It's seemingly a simple question, but the results are fascinating as the votes are coming in. I'll share them with you shortly. Please cast your vote. It takes 10 seconds or less, and I'd love to know what you all want, or dream of, for your own kitchen design concept. UPDATE: SURVEY IS CLOSED

Please also go to my blogging buddy Renovation Therapy's blog...that is, if you'd like to win an Itouch Ipod! Again, it's fast, easy, and it could be yours! While you're at it, read a few posts...she's wickedly smart, insightful, funny, cool...not in that order, although the smart part is probably at the front of the line. I better quit while I'm ahead. 

Take a look at Natalie Blake's wall art...in the form of handmade tiles. These are not just any tiles. They are sculptural in their form, sensuous, with curves everywhere. Unulun tile gets its name from the undulating form of the tile. Rich, strong, colors. Grouped together as wall art, its three dimensional perspective delights and attracts the eye. In other words, they are, to me, amazing. I first saw this tile at the Architectural Digest show in New York and immediately asked to take photographs, and I couldn't stop. Enjoy!


More randomness...I'm beginning to play with my own kitchen design. This will be the fourth time I've designed a kitchen for myself/my family (I almost forgot about them.) I have no immediate plans to do the kitchen although it will need to be done at some point in the next couple of years, hopefully. But, I became inspired and am catching the bug to design my kitchen. I think it begins with an "o".....obsession!

Don't forget to take the survey!

What about you? Are you obsessed with your kitchen?