Thermador Appliances - Stepping It Up

A couple of days ago I went to an event hosted by Thermador at their showroom in Dumbo, Brooklyn, which, if you haven't been to either the showroom or Dumbo, I can tell you that they are both great destinations (well, you can go to Dumbo without going to the showroom, but you can't go to the showroom without going to Dumbo...I'm confused!) I've included images of the's in one of those great, old, waterfront factories, steps away from crazy views of the Brooklyn bridge. 

The event was to showcase a myriad of recent a couple of cases I'd call them details, but, details are everything, especially to a blogger who is also a kitchen designer. My work is all about the details. No detail is unimportant, I've always said. They build on one another. So, here they are. 


Thermador is reintroducing their star burner (developed 11 years ago by Thermador) by elevating its position on the cooking surface, providing increased btu power with low simmer ability, and a quick clean surface below. Flexible cooking/effortless cleanup. 

The combination of Thermador's Sensor Dome infrared sensor technology and the industry's most powerful induction element, at 4600 watts and an expandable 13" wide diameter triple zone element monitors the temperature inside the pan, cycling it on and off to maintain a precise temperature.

The introduction of a dishwasher is Thermador's entry into high performance dishwashing. A 3 step "Rackmatic System", chef tool drawer, hand wash cycle, extra dry, and a very sexy sapphire glow lighting system (interior blue lighting) among other notable features, make this a dishwasher which must be considered...this is a "finally" for Thermador, to have a strong dishwasher in their line. 

A new easy installation system for Thermador's stainless steel refrigerators is now here. Built in modular refrigeration can now come with framed and pre-assembled panels and trims which offer a speedy installation and a new finished design, once installed. The fully flush collection continues to offer a completely seamless installation and design. It's about design of those details which makes the difference in how your refrigeration system is visually experienced. 

I took a good shot of the Brooklyn bridge while I was going into the city after the event with my iphone...while driving (I couldn't resist) Enjoy!