New Kitchen Products

Let's look at a collection of products, some new, some not new, but new to you. Get it? I'm confused.

Take a look at Sharp's SuperSteam oven, model AX-1200, a multi-purpose oven that enables healthier meal preparation. Using SuperSteam convection technology, the AX-1200 cooks a wide variety of foods without the addition of oils, fats or sauces while preserving taste and appearance. It also features three other cooking methods – convection, conventional steam, and microwave – all in a single appliance.

I LIKE that idea of combining convection with steam and microwave cooking. Convection mode means that you can heat up that slice of pizza (you know you eat it even though you want the steamer) without heating up the big oven, or worse, using the microwave. OR, those extra oven foods when the big oven is full.

Note the rounded stainless ends. This is a built in kit that is optional. The oven can be used without the built in kit, to simply sit on the counter. Read this.

Here is "wallpaper" that is actually recycled glass tile. By Trend, the Wallpaper collection offers a multitude of diverse styles from richly elegant and serene to playful and funky. The collection starts at $23 a square foot. Depending on the pattern, the mosaic tile is saturated with reflective color, recycled from post consumer glass, veined with aventurine stone, shimmering with iridescence, or hand made 24 k colored gold from Orsoni, a 19th century Venetian foundry. The individual tiles are either 3/4" or 5/8" square and assembled into modules that allow seamless repetition of the design.

A 10x10 wall, at their lowest price tile, will cost $2,300. In my world, if money was not an object, yes, I'd consider this product. I think the look is worth the cost. It makes a strong design statement. I like that. This was the only kitchen image they had on their site, but they have lots of very wonderful motifs.

Now a word from our sponsor...yeah, they should be my sponsor! Humor me please. When this commercial comes on, I stop everything and watch it. I LOVE IT! I've seen it a million times and it just came on again. Have you seen it? You have to watch it a few times to get all the perfect nuances of it. What can I say? I just need to share this. :)

Let's look at even more tile just to give you more difficult choices! I have a conflict with choices. I believe in choices, but they quickly get confusing, don't they? This, from Mandala Tile:

"Many of Mandala Tile's colors (sister company to Oceanside Glasstile) contain recycled material. The combination of materials spawns vivid surfaces, making it dance in front of your very own eyes. The earthy colors merge in intriguing patterns highlighting the beautiful combination of glass and stone. 'Avani provides movement and depth to design projects and the color palette complements a wide range of settings, offering limitless possibilities for creating a masterpiece,' noted Feras Irikat, Design Director.

It is available in 10 mosaic blends and three patterns – Herringbone, Random Matrix, and Ministicks. Each piece is precision cut to provide a smooth, continuous field."

I have more to show you, which I'll do tomorrow. I'm freezing and I'm sick (and I think I'm freezing because I'm sick) so I'll leave it here. See you then!