Is a Kitchen Design Trend Always A Trend?

I received an email from Jenney and this is what she is asking:

"I am buying a new house. I am planning to have the kitchen counter in white and cabinets in dark brown, but I am afraid the trend will go out of style. what do you think? what is the most classic color for the kitchen?"

What strikes me is that you are calling it a trend. I don't see white countertops and dark brown cabinetry as a trend, at least not a strong trend, possibly a mini trend. But, more importantly, I feel this combination of colors can be considered classic.

The finishes you are talking about are neutrals, even the dark brown. It is a natural finish for cabinetry, and if the rest of the kitchen is designed and decorated in a classic way, as opposed to integrating all the latest design ideas from magazines, catalogs and web home design sites, then you're safe. You needn't worry about your kitchen being pigeon-holed as a trend.

As far as what is the most classic color, of course, white is classic. Most brown wood stains in the medium to dark tones are classic, and some medium to light tones in wood stains. Remember the pickled maple light stains in the 80s and 90s? They were a strong trend, very strong. But, I see that having been a trend partially because those pickled maple/oak colors were an unnatural color for the wood. If these are the colors you like, take note of the above advice, and I'd say, go for it!