Apartment Therapy Kitchen Features

It seems that I've come across a variety of kitchen features on Apartment Therapy as well as the kitchn so I'll point out a few kitchen related links for your brief reading enjoyment.

First, on AT, take a look at this post in the New York version. Brick, a fireplace, big TV, open kitchen (I love an open kitchen.)

Here, in the LA version, is a discussion on TV's in the kitchen. (Me, I like 'em big.) This comment: "It's a great concept... especially for dysfunctional families" I would call classic AT (but then, I'm from the New York area so I like snarky!)

Not to be outdone, the San Francisco version of AT shows 10, count 'em 10, galley kitchens!

On the main AT page, here's an unusual island (I don't love it but it's interesting to see.)

More galley kitchen love on AT's DC page right here with lots of images.

In Boston, a discussion on where to put the microwave (above the fridge?)

And, the kitchn has a bunch of images on pot racks along with frequent random kitchen design features. Also, an interesting post on recession eating and cooking.

So, that's the roundup on AT's mother and sister sites (or whatever they're called.) Have fun!